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This last week was mostly full of adjusting to the major changes in our lives. With Joey at work, I finally got to actually be a stay-at-home mom; until then, it really just felt like being on vacation. It's amazing to me how different it is, even though I knew it would be different. I suppose the biggest difficultly I'm having is not knowing how to really use the extra time to my advantage because I'm used to being so busy that the necessary things can't be put off; that is definitely not the case right now. So I think I need to get myself in gear and get a little bit more done around the house. This will be especially nice because Joey and I have agreed to buy paint as soon as the rest of the house is in order, so I need to get moving! (I think most people can tell I'm the one who really wants to paint.)

Lorelei is doing well. She's currently playing in the Exersaucer that my friend Meg bought us. She loves being able to stand up and chew on things, because as we all know, chewing on things is the highlight of life, right? She enjoys it for quite awhile as long as she can still interact with Mom every so often. We're thinking she might be getting to that age where Mom is the favorite person and possibly into separation anxiety. She still seems to do pretty well when she's alone with Joey though.

As soon as I find all the cables I need, I've got a camera full of pictures to upload. Another reason to get moving, I guess.

7/29/2008 10:37:38 am

YES! Find the cables! It's been a whole week since we've seen Lorelei and I'm having withdrawals. (that doesn't look right but spell check had a problem with the other way I spelled it). When I get a chance to be a stay-at-home mom during the summers I have a tough time getting motivated too so I rely on lists (things I have to accomplish and things I'd like to accomplish) and time set aside for certain activities (I'm going to make sure to spend an hour mending today, I'm going to spend NO MORE than an hour writing letters organizing things on the computer). Just make sure you build in time to spend "playing" with your daughter every day. Joey can probably still tell you about playing Legos and board games with me and Travis - and he was probably all of 5! Lorelei will like to play grabbing games and dropping games and of course, reading books - have fun!

Papa (Steve)
7/29/2008 01:53:57 pm

Marilyn just forwarded this site to me. Cool. Congrats on the house, and yes, we want to see pictures. Keep up the great work.

Dad Idland
8/5/2008 11:37:44 am

Hopefully you'll find a way to get motivated and put together a routine that works well with your time. Everything will fall into place and eventually will become an awesome stay home home, not that you're not already awesome. Marilyn is so right when it comes to playing games and spending time with your daughter. I can remember at a young age playing games with my mother and grandmother. Those memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. Now you have a chance to build memories with your daughter and future children!
Love you!


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