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The On-Going Wishlist

Having trouble coming up with gift ideas? Here are some things we'd love to have someday (and don't yet). We do like surprises too.

Lorelei likes clothes and enjoys a variety of colors. We do ask that if she's getting anything this Christmas, they be at least size 12 months (which is really 9-12 months) and up so that she'll be able to wear them by the time she gets them. Also remember that it is really warm here during most of the year.

Gamma seals and 6 gallon buckets (food grade). Some examples can be found at and'd obviously want the buckets without lids, since we'd be using gamma seals.

Many different things from . Danielle especially likes the new books about motherhood, such as The Mother in Me, and this shirt. Joey especially likes The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley (of which we have volumes 2 and 5).

Various cooking items, such as a pizza sheet, this 100-pk cookie cutter set, and this little cook set (for Lorelei, of course, with Mommy's supervision). Joey is especially interested in getting a tuna strainer and a food processor.

We also like family games. We have Phase 10 and Monopoly. A favorite game (though almost impossible to find, as they don't make it anymore) is called Jots and Tittles. It's an LDS trivia game.

We really like Legos, specifically Lego brand and not Mega Blocks. Joey the Lego expert has informed Danielle and Lorelei, the Lego novices, that there is a difference.

Danielle really likes pictures, and thus picture frames. Black is the family theme since we like how these stand out in our home. Joey and Lorelei both hide from the camera, but they suppose getting frames is okay because it makes Danielle happy. Some really great and inexpensive sets are available in a 10-pk from Target and a 5-pk from Target (these are online but might be available in stores). We like the 5-pk better, but we like them both. We also like the floating frames with glass in front and in back of the picture.

Danielle also really likes scrapbooking with her pictures, and thus likes scrapbooking supplies. Her favorites are different papers and decorations; she's not really to the point of using tools such as fancy scissors or stamps yet since she's just a scrapbooking novice.

We like watching movies as a family. This is especially true of family friendly movies such as the Veggie Tales series and anything Disney. We also like playing video games. Our newest favorite-to-be is Spore (for Windows).

Somewhat randomly, Joey really wants a battery tester.

If nothing here seems quite right, we really do like surprise gifts. These are just ideas for the family members who have specifically requested gift ideas.

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