The Bennett Family

Our Year in Review

2008 was been a big year for us, The Bennetts Three (or Bennett x3, if you prefer). Here is a recap of how our year has been:

The biggest change in 2008 was becoming parents. Lorelei Dallas Marie Bennett was born 9 March 2008 at 1518 weighing 9 lb 13 oz and was 20 inches long. The neatest part of the experience was that Joey got to deliver her (with the doctor standing next to him, of course). She has truly been an amazing blessing to have in our lives for these last nine months.

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We both finished our college degrees. Joey officially graduated in May and Danielle officially graduated in August, though she was done in early July. We both walked for commencement in May. It was an exciting time. We were able to have Lorelei blessed the day after graduation, while all of our family was still in town. She even got to wear Danielle’s mother Tracy’s christening gown. We’ve since had to adjust to life after school is over. We both agree it still feels weird, even with our diplomas sitting side by side over our bookshelves.

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In July, we moved away from our hometown of Reno, NV to live in wonderful, little Ridgecrest, CA. Located about 45 minutes or so from Death Valley (and 6 ½ hours south of Reno on 395), Ridgecrest offered something too good to pass up… Joey’s new job. He started work on 21 July; the paperwork for the home we bought closed two days later. Our new home is beautiful and we truly enjoy it… minus the unexpected “joys” of becoming homeowners.

When we moved, we started our family website. One of our goals for the new year is to get pictures on the site more often.

We’ve gotten to spend some time with family this year, which is especially nice since we no longer live near family. We’ve each had some family visit our new home and look forward to sharing our home with more family still. We were also able to travel back to Reno twice to visit family there, to Las Vegas several times, to Utah once for a family reunion, and to Gilroy, CA for Thanksgiving.

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We have also seen several additions to the family in 2008. Joey and I became cousins again three times when John, Caleb, and Madison Tebbs were born in late December 2007, July 2008, and August 2008 and Lorelei became a cousin for the first time two weeks later when Tyler and Nicole Idland welcomed Carter into the world. We’ve found it to be really special to be aunt and uncle to this adorable little nephew of ours.


In 2009, we hope to be able to live a healthier lifestyle, learn to cook many new things, continue to improve our new home (and build some of the things it needs), help Lorelei grow (and document as much of it as possible with pictures), and most importantly, spend as much time as we can with our families. We love you all.