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If someone had asked me what I’d be at this point in my life when I was 2, I’d have said, “A doctor.” If the same question had been asked of me at 14, I would have said, “Studying to be a brain surgeon.” If someone had asked me just before I turned 21, I wouldn’t have had a clue. Now, at age 23, I am a college graduate, but not studying medicine, and with no plans to do so in the future. I do, however, love my life and the path that took me here.

 I am a wife and mother who is celebrating her second wedding anniversary today.  It feels like such a big accomplishment to have been happily married for two years. I know that this isn’t a unique accomplishment, and I’m glad that it’s not. I like having hope that there are many, many years ahead, and while I know that it isn’t just hope that will make that wish come true, I think the hope is still important.

I have learned a lot about life, love, and even myself in these last two years. I would never have thought it so enjoyable to give so fully of myself to my husband and to my little daughter. I’ve learned a lot about compromise and how to really be happy. Now, after the best two years of my life, every day I look forward to the time when my husband comes home to Lorelei and me and we can play together as a family. Simple day-to-day life has taken on an entirely new meaning. These experiences  of being a family remind me of my childhood and are the greatest joys I have ever felt.

9/16/2008 08:16:22 am

Woo HOO!! happy two years! i have had a real sister for two years now... wow. :) congratulations. I cant wait until i reach that point myself! (mission first, i know)
I miss you and Joey and Lorelei so much, I cant wait until Thanksgiving! Marilyn was looking at the pictures sunday night, and we both were realizing how much we missed our cute little Lorelei, and of course we also miss her parents... :D


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