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I don't know how much of our family we've told... but we live in an area that gets an average 362 days of sun each year. Even when it rains, we get sun. And sometimes, it can be quite hot here. It gets hot enough that you have to seriously think about how good freshly baked bread is before you decide to preheat that oven.

We've been doing different preparedness research, and the latest helpful find we've found is the solar oven. We're not quite set up to go and make one today (too many projects!), but it will certainly be interesting to try and make a few and experiment with solar cooking. Especially since if it ends up being a failed experiment, we'll be out no more than $10; if it works great, it could save us much more on our electric bill (even more when you consider savings of not having to cool a house after using the oven).

Just thought I'd mention it here while the excitement is fresh in my mind, so that I'll remember it later and keep everyone posted.

6/4/2009 04:42:34 pm

Hey! Let us know how it works!! I think it would be a wonderful thing for us to try here in Vegas as well.

6/8/2009 08:06:15 am

me too. even in Reno it could be usefull. give my sweet pea a hug for me.


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