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Motherhood is an adventure, to be sure. I've learned a lot since Lorelei was born almost 6 months ago (where does time go?), and I thought that I'd share some of my most recently acquired wisdom for this blog entry.

1) Whenever you have no idea where the camera is, something cute will happen.

2) Rice cereal is sticky. I don't know why they don't use it instead of glue, or why it's that sticky... but it is. Then again, I've never tried to (gently) scrape glue off of an infant's face, but the cereal was worse to get off of me.

3) Answering a call from your mother-in-law while feeding said infant daughter will result in her grabbing the spoon out of your hand and chewing it, followed by grabbing the cereal cup and eating straight from it with her hands.

This was a very interesting experience, to say the least. I'd show you pictures, but go back and look at number one.

I've also learned that babies get mad at you for letting them do the things they want to do, at random. Rather like teenagers, I suspect. The biggest culprit with Lorelei is nap time. She's also been learning to put weight on her feet. She gets frustrated at not being able to get it quite right, but then she gets upset if you help.

At least she still likes to be loved.

9/9/2008 08:47:11 am

Happy (6mo.) birthday Sweet Pea!

Tess Willetts
9/9/2008 10:13:03 am

I had to get all caught up from the last few blogs you've posted! I didn't know she had said her first word! - well, now I guess two words if she's saying mama too! Ah! She is growing up FAST!!
And I would have to second the camera thoughts - I still do that - and I always carry a camera with me. Of course, the one time you leave it in the car or home, the greatest moments happen. *sigh*

Hope you guys are doing well!! <3


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