The Bennett Family


We had the nice experience of being able to drive out of Hawthorne (Nevada) on Memorial Day. They have a section of road that is dedicated to veterans going south on the 95.

Memorial Day became a lot more important for me when my brother Tyler joined the Marines a few years ago. He's deploying tomorrow after being given just enough time in between trainings to celebrate his second wedding anniversary with his wife today (they share a wedding anniversary with our sealing anniversary). He spends a little time doing more training, but goes to Iraq soon. He leaves a wife and nine month old son at home as he goes to defend our freedom.

That meaning grew significantly when my little sister Dallas became a soldier. It's strange to think of someone I've known since before her birth as such a strong woman, but the only real difference is that now others can see the amazing woman I've always known she was. I am inspired by my little sister.

These two have been my heroes longer than I can remember. Tyler has always defended me and other members of our family. Dallas has always had a heart of gold. They each have many qualities I aspire to have.

I love you two.

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