The Bennett Family


Joey and I have recently decided to visit the various parts of my family between now and February, as well as Marilyn and Steve (which isn't hard, because they live in the same city as my mom). I'm really excited about this since I haven't spent quality time with my mom since before we moved to Ridgecrest. Something about moms, you know...

Along with planning for the upcoming family visits, Joey has been going full speed ahead with Christmas joy. He's normally crazy for Christmas, but with this year being Lorelei's first, he's extra excited. I'm glad for it though; it really spices things up to have things to really, really look forward to.

11/19/2008 08:32:27 am


I can't believe how big, and beautiful, Lorelei is getting!! Wow!!

Sounds like you all are getting along well and living life to the fullest!! Hope things continue.


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