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After being asked by several people, I have finally put the time in to post some pictures. Since I'm still not 100% ready to do it the fast and easy way, it took the better part of the day... but the pictures are here. I believe there are around 90 different pictures in all.

It'll probably be about a month until I do this again, so I hope this will help tide everyone over until then.

8/3/2008 12:45:13 am

Hallelujah! Everytime I miss my little one I can just come here and have her stick her tongue out at me (or suck on her fingers, or crinkle her nose) Are you sure you want to do it every month? Maybe every week would be good? :-) I agree with the best pictures - they're darling!

8/4/2008 03:40:55 am

Ah! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to venture over here! I <3'd the pictures though - she's so big these days!!! I keep remembering the photos where she's only days old ... crazy how time flies.

I'm VERY excited for you guys that Joey seems to be liking his job - and that's awesome about being able to go around and check out a few different areas of base to find the right fit.

I'm glad things are going well for you guys though!!
I'll talk to you later!! <3

Dad Idland
8/5/2008 11:51:54 am

The pictures are wonderful and Lorelei is getting so much bigger. I love how you place the pictures in different segments and commented on them. There are several pictures of Lorelei where her facial expressions are just priceless.

It's wonderful seeing Joey and yourself interacting with Lorelei. It brings back memories of when you were a little girl playing in my arms and on my stomach. This web site was a great idea and we look forward to the updated pictures in about a month.
Love Dad

8/10/2008 01:18:01 am

I finally decided to go see them all, and Lorelei is so cute! I almost forgot how much, what with little John's smiley face (he looks exactly like Bob, and has facial expressions nearly as hilarious as Lorelei) little Caleb (who, thanks to Brian, is on my phones background) and Madison IRENE.
But now I remember that I have the cutest Niece, cuter than any Nieces or Nephews that my parents have!
Although, I wonder if you could open the pictures themselves to comments? perhaps just each set that you have, but I think that would be a ton of fun :)


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