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It still amazes me just how cute Lorelei can be. I still really think that it's a self-preservation technique that babies have, but she is so good at it!

This morning, I walk into her room to find her awake. As I'm bringing her to my room while I get ready, I see her making spit bubbles. It was so adorable! Joey thinks I'm biased because I called his spit bubbles gross and think hers are cute... but, well... I am. Lorelei also said hi to me this morning during her babbles. That was cute because it was right after I had said it to her.

After her morning nap, I walk into her room to find her sitting up happily in her crib. Usually she's standing impatiently, but today she was sitting there just as happy as can be. It was one of those moments where you wish the camera was in your hand because you know that leaving to get it will ruin the moment.

Lorelei has recently discovered the world of trying to do stuff when it shouldn't be done... like trying to crawl while Mommy is trying to change her diaper. Joey taught her the idea of "wait" with a firm voice and a hand on her stomach.  Surprisingly, she's really taken to the idea and is now listening when it's said to her. I enjoy having my daughter listen to me but I know not to get used to it!

After her nap and the "waiting" game, Lorelei and I went out to lunch. We went to this little Chinese buffet in town. Lorelei sat in one of their high chairs and ate a few healthy morsels off the table. She was using her recently mastered grasping skills and having a grand time. She is such a great eater and everyone kept commenting on how cute she looked. She also had a fun time befriending other little people.

After we got home we went to visit our neighbor across the street. She goes to church with us so we usually see her once a week. She also had a great time with Lorelei the cutie. Lorelei has been developing her walking while holding on to things routine, which she happily showed off to our neighbor who, as a grandmother herself, enjoyed watching.

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