The Bennett Family


I am constantly amazed at just how truly Lorelei is Joey's daughter. They have so many things in common. The most recent involved showing me just how fun it is to slide all over our floors.

Our new house has tile floors in every room except the bedrooms. As a result, poor Lorelei who is making progress toward learning to walk usually slides all over the floors. It's cute as long as she doesn't fall and she doesn't fall as often as she used to. She's starting to learn to trust her own balance and catch herself.

Last night, Joey ended up having some fun sliding on our floors. I gave him a spontaneous foot massage with some lotion while we sat on the couch and watched television. He got up and was sliding all over the place. It was especially cute to watch him mimic something his daughter does and hold on to everything he could on the way into the kitchen... including her little baby toy the Exersaucer.

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