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Lorelei is growing up so fast! I can't believe that a year ago, we were still just getting used to the idea of being parents. Now, she's crawling and causing appropriate levels of havoc. Where has the time gone?

She's getting pretty quick with the crawling too, hence "rockets". I'm going to need some to keep up with her at the pace she'll set soon enough, I'm sure. I'm also glad to report that she does quite a few other really cute things.

We have been blowing raspberries on Lorelei's tummy and on her checks, much to her amusement. She really does have the cutest little face when she's happy. More recently, she's started blowing them back. She usually does it just in the air, but she started doing it to my leg while we were all sitting down the other day as a family. She's so cute when she does it... but then, she's so cute all the time.

Her other recent development reminds me of Pavlov's experiments his dogs. Apparently, one of his theories was that if two bowls of equal amounts of the same food were placed equidistant from the pups, they'd starve, unable to choose which to eat. If I put Lorelei in my lap with access to nursing, she just goes back and forth as though trying to decide which flavor is better. This strange behavior is usually accompanied with little "attack the food" faces.

Pavlov's puppies have nothing on my baby.

10/28/2008 09:15:28 am

raspberries and Lorelei. i can't wait!


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