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March was a month of birthdays for our little family. Joey reached the quarter of a century milestone on the 3rd and Lorelei had her first birthday on the 9th. It's crazy to think that our little girl has grown so much already!

Lorelei still isn't walking, but really has the crawling thing down and is starting to mimic a few more words.  (She can walk holding on to things, but she's been doing that for ages.) Her new favorite words to mimic are "yes" (which comes out more like "yeh" most of the time) and "uh-oh" which she usually says several times in succession. Tonight she started mimicking Joey as he hummed the infamous Mario tune, which you can guessed pleased Lorelei's video-game-loving daddy quite a bit.

Another milestone this month was taking Lorelei to our local park for the first time, as well as having her fly her first kite! Joey surprised me by staying in the car while I ran an errand at the library. When I came out, he was across the street at the local park. Lorelei was sitting on the grass holding onto the kite. Not long after, the wind snatched the kite string out of Joey's hand right after Lorelei let go, so we also got to have our first family getting-the-kite-out-of-the-tree experience. After we played with the kite a little bit more, we took Lorelei to the swing set. She LOVED it, especially after we had one of us on each side of the swing.

4/1/2009 08:40:31 am

bump is it? thanks for the update. i love to hear about your lives.

4/4/2009 12:49:57 pm

Oh my goodness, Mario? I got to see another picture of her today that I don't remember having taken (it must have been taken when I wasn't home - on your last visit) and I can't get over how precious she is.

Grandpa Idland
4/5/2009 05:54:35 am

A new family experience! Sometimes it's the small things in life, like spending time together in the park and flying a kite for the first time with Lorelei is so priceless. Thank you for sharing your new experiences together with the family. Love you and miss you!


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