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Our friend Rebecca just gave us a few baby things for Lorelei since she's gotten more than she can use after having four baby girls in four years. This includes a cute little outfit with a pajama footie bottom. So what do we do after getting it home?

Put those pants on her head. It's hilarious to watch too, because she'll try to grab one of the legs to pull it off of her head. In doing this, she gets the other one right in front of her face and starts to go after that side instead. This process can entertain Lorelei for five to ten minutes at a time.

It is truly amazing to see just how many things can be toys for babies.

1/1/2009 09:08:32 am

I guess I'll comment here since I don't know where else to do it. I love the new pictures and the new design structure! Keep up the good work. We're excited to see more pictures soon.

1/1/2009 09:52:57 am

cool new pics.


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