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We have now spent our first week in Ridgecrest, and what a fun time it has been. We spent the first few days indoor camping while we waited for our things to show up. We went to our new church ward and were very well welcomed there. Monday night we had dinner with a couple from the ward; afterward, the Relief Society president visited us at home. Tuesday, the truck with our things finally came. The bishopric also visited us, which was fun.

On Wednesday, Marilyn drove my car down and Steve followed Thursday. They were able to help out quite a bit as we worked on the big task of setting up our home. We also signed the paperwork for the house on Wednesday. Things should be official today, but we'll have to wait and see.

7/21/2008 11:21:13 am

i just left you a response on KB when i decided to check out your family site!!
i'm glad things are going well for you all during your first week!! so your truck got lost!?!? that's crazy. but i'm glad you guys only had to indoor camp for a night before the truck decided to show!!

and i'm glad things are going well with meeting everyone in your new ward!! hopefully everything was worked out with your and joey's cars having issues before the move?

congratulations on your first house!! =)

7/25/2008 02:09:22 pm

I am so excited for you guys!
I can only imagine how that must feel for you (at least for the next few years it'll only be imagining)
I really wish I had been there for your move, especially now that I'm reading about it here. The website is a cool idea, I know it will make me miss you guys more!


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