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Yesterday, in a McDonald's in Las Vegas a half-mile from where my brother Tyler and his wife Nicole live (along with new baby Carter), Lorelei said her first word.

"Da-da." Joey and I looked at each other, as though it were a fluke and we were trying to see if the other person heard it.  Since then, she has said it several more times, probably since she gets such great attention when she does.

In other news, I have finally seen the teeth that she's teething on... the middle two teeth on the bottom, with promises of more soon. They haven't broken the surface, but they are noticeable.

And in still better news, she met her cousins this weekend. She got to meet (and take pictures with) John, Caleb, and Madison (who are really mine and Joey's cousins) on Saturday and then her newest cousin Carter on Sunday. Cute babies all around!

8/19/2008 01:25:26 am

Aww a first word. How cute, and of course "da-da". Aww I bet Joey was so happy!! :)

Sounds like you guys are doing great!!

8/27/2008 01:19:30 pm

Way to go Joey! How did you win that battle? Were you waking her up in the middle of the night just to practice alone?

11/29/2010 03:56:33 pm

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