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Lorelei has again been developing her list of cute things she can do. Today I noticed her bringing her lips together to make a kissy face similar to the fish lips my mom and I used to do when I was little. It's especially funny to watch Lorelei do it because of the bewildered look on her face as she does it.

The other thing Joey and I noticed today is that Lorelei has been practicing her Hs in a way that is reminiscent of vocal practice that we would have done in choir. She can say "Ha", "He", "Heh", "Hu", "Hah", "Hi" and "Hi-yah". We usually play along and repeat the sounds that she makes. She seems to really enjoy that.

12/6/2008 07:19:24 am

I LOVE this time in a child's life - it seems they learn a new thing every day, and every one of them so cute! Waving, grasping, chasing, honking your nose, are all fun things to do together! I remember being amazed at how many blocks Joey could stack one on top of another (with a little practice) at this age. If I were just thinking about it I would never have guessed that a kid his age could even stack one block on another and here he was with 5 or 8 or more! I used to block out play time with Joey (and reading time too, of course) just to make sure he was getting all of the learning that goes along with that playing. I can't wait to have Lorelei here at Christmas time!

3/16/2012 08:42:15 pm

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