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And to a bunch of others I'm probably forgetting. The 6th was Joey's grandpa's birthday (Grandpa Tebbs), yesterday was Ryan Hunter's birthday, and today is Joey's Uncle Brian's birthday. This Ryan Hunter is a mutual friend of mine and Joey's (not our cousin) that we both knew separate from each other. Joey calls him Red (for the hair, original, I know), and my family calls him Flipper Foot, for reasons I still don't entirely understand.

As if all of that weren't excitement enough, Lorelei will be 7 months old tomorrow! It's crazy to think that I've been a mother for that long, taking care of this sweet little girl every day. It's amazing how much she's grown, and yet, how small she is still catches me by surprise every now and again. I am definitely still in love with motherhood, even with all it's quirks.

My dad and Sandy (his wife) are visiting us this week. They are on their way here right now and should arrive in a few hours. I've been looking forward to this ever since we set it up; I know they have as well. It'll be nice to have guests in our new hometown after getting to a point where this feels like home. Then we're off to Vegas to see my nephew Carter get blessed, and to spend some time with his parents.

Such an exciting week ahead.

10/11/2008 01:25:16 am

Wow that's a lot of Birthday fun! Happy Birthday to everyone! :)

Marilyn Bennett
10/19/2008 01:12:49 pm

I hope the trips to Vegas were fun. I've been a little jealous of my sisters getting to see Lorelei so much! We're still hoping to visit in a couple of weeks and get to see her in person (but I love the pictures you have up!)


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