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It's interesting to see how fast little ones change. In the past day, we've had three "experiences to remember". Yesterday morning, Lorelei figured out how to pull Mommy's pajama top out of the way to get back to her food. She continued to try this throughout the day, which is oh-so-convenient when in public. This morning she upgraded to trying to latch through the shirt which hurt a lot more than I thought it would if she ever tried.

The other "experience to remember" happened last night when we were all sitting on the couch. Lorelei was standing on my lap and looked like she was going to fall. Joey and his amazing Daddy reflexes caught her thinking she'd hit the floor if he didn't. Well, he overcorrected just a little and smashed her adorable head right into my nose. Let's just say that hurt a bit. It's still pretty sore, and wearing glasses is not my favorite. I'm wishing my contacts were ready to pick up, but other than that, all is well.

12/3/2008 12:51:46 pm

It's amazing how embarrassing and scary experiences are easy to remember. My embarrassing experience happened today at work. I work in a secure facility and have to "badge in" to open the door to enter the building. To leave the building the motion detector releases the magnet holding the door closed. Today the motion detector didn't notice me even after I almost hit my face against the door trying to open it. I had to back up and try again. The security guard at the guard station near by just kept looking down at his screen and probably started laughing after I left. Its experiences like these that help me apply Elder Wirthlin's counsel to <a href=,5232,23-1-947-9,00.html>"Come what may and love it"</a>


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