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We had the nice experience of being able to drive out of Hawthorne (Nevada) on Memorial Day. They have a section of road that is dedicated to veterans going south on the 95.

Memorial Day became a lot more important for me when my brother Tyler joined the Marines a few years ago. He's deploying tomorrow after being given just enough time in between trainings to celebrate his second wedding anniversary with his wife today (they share a wedding anniversary with our sealing anniversary). He spends a little time doing more training, but goes to Iraq soon. He leaves a wife and nine month old son at home as he goes to defend our freedom.

That meaning grew significantly when my little sister Dallas became a soldier. It's strange to think of someone I've known since before her birth as such a strong woman, but the only real difference is that now others can see the amazing woman I've always known she was. I am inspired by my little sister.

These two have been my heroes longer than I can remember. Tyler has always defended me and other members of our family. Dallas has always had a heart of gold. They each have many qualities I aspire to have.

I love you two.


We've been back from our trip for a few weeks now and things are starting to settle back to normal... just in time for us to be planning another two trips (one to Reno for Lorelei's and Joey's birthdays, and another to Salt Lake for Joey's mission reunion). Since things are a little more normal, I thought it might be time to update the blog.

Lorelei and I have been having daily playdates with another mommy and baby from our ward. It's helped both of us mommies enjoy the day and get more done  (including a 2 to 3 mile walk each day). It's also helped the babies develop some new talents.

Lorelei's newest talent is sharing. She's getting better sharing toys, but the surprising sharing is her food. About a week ago, I made some delicious homemade bread and Lorelei and her daddy shared a special moment alternating taking bites of her big piece of bread... with her doing the alternating.

More recently, Lorelei has started doing this with me. Last night, she was eating peas for dinner, and I was sitting next to her. She picked up a pea, moved it toward my mouth, and put it in.

We've been slowly trying to teach Lorelei (and ourselves) sign language as it's supposed to help toddlers and parents communicate. So when Lorelei fed me a pea, I told her "thank you" aloud and in sign language (it's the only one we know so far).

The best part was that she kept doing it... for like 8 or 9 peas before her mommy started feeding them to her.


As many of our loyal readers may already know, on 30 December 2008, my little sister Dallas started boot camp in South Carolina. My hero, the woman for whom I named my daughter, is a soldier.

I, for one, am not surprised. I have always known that Dallas is an amazing person. It's one of the many reasons why I love her so much.

We recently went to Reno to see Jared (Joey's brother) one last time before he leaves on his mission. We went to the temple with him and to his farewell address in church and the open house that night. It was nice to see him one last time since he too will be gone for quite some time.

It was weird driving into Reno knowing that my baby sister wouldn't be there. It was weird leaving my in-laws knowing that the next time we see them, my brother-in-law won't be there. I have


As many of you know, our dear little Lorelei was born on 9 March 2008. What many of you may have forgotten or (not realized in the first place) is that the time changed on the day. Hence, since it is now time for another time change, it is sorta Lorelei's half birthday.

This logic is courtesy of Lorelei's daddy, the engineer, who really loves his little girl and enjoys any excuse to celebrate her life.

It's also my cousin Austin's birthday, but he's a lot more than one time change old.


One of the greatest advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) about where we live is our distance from family. We were able to go to Las Vegas for two weekends in a row - once to see my little nephew blessed, and the other to see my brother baptized. Both of these were once in a lifetime occasions that I am glad we were able to see.

Carter William Idland was blessed on 12 October by his bishop. He looked so cute in his litte white outfit. This followed a great weekend spent with my dad and his wife in Las Vegas.

It was also the first time I've ever had sushi (not at the blessing, of course, but the night before at a sushi buffet). I was surprised by how good it was. Now I want Joey to take me back.... and he will... after I get down to my goal weight.

This last weekend we went back to see my brother baptized. I really felt the spirit while I was there. I was sitting next to my sister-in-law during the baptism, so I got to look at cute little Carter while holding cute little Lorelei. It's amazing how great it felt to be around my family after being so far away for so long.

After the baptism, Joey and I took Tyler and Nicole out to dinner. We went to McDonald's because I'd been craving that and Nicole likes the Monopoly game that they are doing right now. We spent a few hours just talking, which was great. I'm really glad that we made that trip.


And to a bunch of others I'm probably forgetting. The 6th was Joey's grandpa's birthday (Grandpa Tebbs), yesterday was Ryan Hunter's birthday, and today is Joey's Uncle Brian's birthday. This Ryan Hunter is a mutual friend of mine and Joey's (not our cousin) that we both knew separate from each other. Joey calls him Red (for the hair, original, I know), and my family calls him Flipper Foot, for reasons I still don't entirely understand.

As if all of that weren't excitement enough, Lorelei will be 7 months old tomorrow! It's crazy to think that I've been a mother for that long, taking care of this sweet little girl every day. It's amazing how much she's grown, and yet, how small she is still catches me by surprise every now and again. I am definitely still in love with motherhood, even with all it's quirks.

My dad and Sandy (his wife) are visiting us this week. They are on their way here right now and should arrive in a few hours. I've been looking forward to this ever since we set it up; I know they have as well. It'll be nice to have guests in our new hometown after getting to a point where this feels like home. Then we're off to Vegas to see my nephew Carter get blessed, and to spend some time with his parents.

Such an exciting week ahead.

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