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Our friend Rebecca just gave us a few baby things for Lorelei since she's gotten more than she can use after having four baby girls in four years. This includes a cute little outfit with a pajama footie bottom. So what do we do after getting it home?

Put those pants on her head. It's hilarious to watch too, because she'll try to grab one of the legs to pull it off of her head. In doing this, she gets the other one right in front of her face and starts to go after that side instead. This process can entertain Lorelei for five to ten minutes at a time.

It is truly amazing to see just how many things can be toys for babies.


Lorelei has again been developing her list of cute things she can do. Today I noticed her bringing her lips together to make a kissy face similar to the fish lips my mom and I used to do when I was little. It's especially funny to watch Lorelei do it because of the bewildered look on her face as she does it.

The other thing Joey and I noticed today is that Lorelei has been practicing her Hs in a way that is reminiscent of vocal practice that we would have done in choir. She can say "Ha", "He", "Heh", "Hu", "Hah", "Hi" and "Hi-yah". We usually play along and repeat the sounds that she makes. She seems to really enjoy that.


I am constantly amazed at just how truly Lorelei is Joey's daughter. They have so many things in common. The most recent involved showing me just how fun it is to slide all over our floors.

Our new house has tile floors in every room except the bedrooms. As a result, poor Lorelei who is making progress toward learning to walk usually slides all over the floors. It's cute as long as she doesn't fall and she doesn't fall as often as she used to. She's starting to learn to trust her own balance and catch herself.

Last night, Joey ended up having some fun sliding on our floors. I gave him a spontaneous foot massage with some lotion while we sat on the couch and watched television. He got up and was sliding all over the place. It was especially cute to watch him mimic something his daughter does and hold on to everything he could on the way into the kitchen... including her little baby toy the Exersaucer.


It still amazes me just how cute Lorelei can be. I still really think that it's a self-preservation technique that babies have, but she is so good at it!

This morning, I walk into her room to find her awake. As I'm bringing her to my room while I get ready, I see her making spit bubbles. It was so adorable! Joey thinks I'm biased because I called his spit bubbles gross and think hers are cute... but, well... I am. Lorelei also said hi to me this morning during her babbles. That was cute because it was right after I had said it to her.

After her morning nap, I walk into her room to find her sitting up happily in her crib. Usually she's standing impatiently, but today she was sitting there just as happy as can be. It was one of those moments where you wish the camera was in your hand because you know that leaving to get it will ruin the moment.

Lorelei has recently discovered the world of trying to do stuff when it shouldn't be done... like trying to crawl while Mommy is trying to change her diaper. Joey taught her the idea of "wait" with a firm voice and a hand on her stomach.  Surprisingly, she's really taken to the idea and is now listening when it's said to her. I enjoy having my daughter listen to me but I know not to get used to it!

After her nap and the "waiting" game, Lorelei and I went out to lunch. We went to this little Chinese buffet in town. Lorelei sat in one of their high chairs and ate a few healthy morsels off the table. She was using her recently mastered grasping skills and having a grand time. She is such a great eater and everyone kept commenting on how cute she looked. She also had a fun time befriending other little people.

After we got home we went to visit our neighbor across the street. She goes to church with us so we usually see her once a week. She also had a great time with Lorelei the cutie. Lorelei has been developing her walking while holding on to things routine, which she happily showed off to our neighbor who, as a grandmother herself, enjoyed watching.


Our refrigerator came yesterday. It's set up, plugged in, and cold! Who would have thought that simply having a refrigerator could bring you so much happiness? There are a lot of things we take for granted because they are always there; the past month with no refrigerator has definitely helped Joey and me to remember that.

We also received our check from Whirlpool yesterday. They offered to give us $150 for the rather significant inconvenience they put us through by failing to deliver our fridge in a timely manner. I cashed that today which reminds me to be thankful for small-town banks. We only have one major bank here in Ridgecrest (it's a Bank of America) so we do most of our finances online, but it is nice to have one locally.

One really cool thing about the fridge situation is that they let us keep the shelves we had before in addition to the new shelves. Because the old refrigerator has to be salvaged they didn't need the shelves back. A few of them are being put to good use and making our shiny new refrigerator work in the best way possible for us.

The other really cool thing was that the delivery guy helped us figure out why the valve behind our fridge (that isn't connected to our fridge at all) was leaking. Apparently it just needed to be plugged. While that is most certainly something I wish I knew before it caused the water damage that's been done, I'm glad that we know about it now and not later. It's crazy that the fix is such a little fix.

Isn't it nice what happens when you have your mom write really mean emails to companies who don't treat you right? No, seriously, my mom's email was very professional but to the point, and it definitely helped. Yay for moms!


We spent this Thanksgiving in Gilroy, CA. My dad (Dirk) lives there. It's the first time we've been to visit him and his girlfriend since we've been married. It was great to see him and even better than my brother and sister were there.

While we were in Gilroy, we did some Christmas shopping. We're keeping it simple this year and I think we're basically done with shopping. I have a few last minute things for stockings (candy and the fruit that Joey insists is tradition) that I still need to get, but otherwise, I'm done buying. Now all I have to do is finish making the gifts with the fabric I bought.

The other great thing about Thanksgiving being over is that it is now officially the Christmas season. Joey absolutely loves Christmas, so this is an exciting time for us.

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