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The last few days have been a little rough, but not because of anything Lorelei's done. Yesterday, we got the joy of another 2 inch sun spider. Joey says this one decided to come right up to our front door to die. All this paranoia has made me wonder... why am I so afraid of spiders? It's driving me crazy to think of all the places that they could be hiding, basically ready to pounce. Joey admitting to seeing one yesterday makes the second one in less than two weeks. Marilyn says that at least they aren't more common than that (for which I am grateful), but I was trying to think that the one we saw earlier was just a fluke. Apparently not.

The other difficult thing has been sorting through Lorelei's clothes. When the movers packed everything, they put all of Lorelei's carefully sorted clothes into a couple of boxes, and managed to unsort them all in the process. That coupled with the fact that we now have a lot less storage space has made for an interesting time setting up her room. Her clothes are definitely the worst of it, so we'll be done relatively soon, but that means seeing some of the really cute outfits she's outgrown. I keep thinking that I would have enjoyed seeing her in certain outfits just one more time and remembering all the fun times we've had with some of those clothes. It's making it really hard to get her room done, which makes me especially glad that she needed a nap so Mommy got a break.

At least we've got plenty of cute outfits that we can use to make new memories... and in a week and a half, when another sun spider is due for a visit, I'll be in Reno.

8/3/2008 12:39:50 am

You know, Danielle, sometimes you live in an area quite a while before you meet all the critters that you could! I just met one Friday that I'd never seen before - and I guess they've lived here longer than I have! It's called a Tarantula Hawk and it's a big stinging insect about 2 inches long that's orange and black. The lady who showed them to me said that they'll take down a tarantula (which also lives here in this valley but which - luckily - I never see).


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