The Bennett Family


One of the greatest advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) about where we live is our distance from family. We were able to go to Las Vegas for two weekends in a row - once to see my little nephew blessed, and the other to see my brother baptized. Both of these were once in a lifetime occasions that I am glad we were able to see.

Carter William Idland was blessed on 12 October by his bishop. He looked so cute in his litte white outfit. This followed a great weekend spent with my dad and his wife in Las Vegas.

It was also the first time I've ever had sushi (not at the blessing, of course, but the night before at a sushi buffet). I was surprised by how good it was. Now I want Joey to take me back.... and he will... after I get down to my goal weight.

This last weekend we went back to see my brother baptized. I really felt the spirit while I was there. I was sitting next to my sister-in-law during the baptism, so I got to look at cute little Carter while holding cute little Lorelei. It's amazing how great it felt to be around my family after being so far away for so long.

After the baptism, Joey and I took Tyler and Nicole out to dinner. We went to McDonald's because I'd been craving that and Nicole likes the Monopoly game that they are doing right now. We spent a few hours just talking, which was great. I'm really glad that we made that trip.

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